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Set Up ResourceSpace In The AWS Cloud

ResourceSpace is an open source asset management system which is designed to be user installable and configurable with minimum input from the IT professionals. It does run best, however, on an Apache – MySQL – PHP setup, and many companies do not allow their users to install this sort of software on their PCs.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) provide a set of virtual servers 'in the cloud', which are easy to set up and can be used to test ResourceSpace free of charge. There are many ongoing advantages to using the AWS cloud as you move forwards, as it allows your ResourceSpace installation to grow and deliver the services you want to your customers on demand.

One major disadvantage of using the cloud with ResourceSpace is significantly increased upload times, especially if you have a slow Internet connection or are relying on an ADSL link. If you are looking at providing video storage for your local intranet, the AWS cloud is not the right solution (although it may provide a good and very cheap alternative to fireproof safes). If you work for a multi-national or widespread organisation or are providing DAM services to customers, you will get real benefits from the Cloud.

The following pages provide general guidance on how to set up an AWS account, to fire up your first server, to install ResourceSpace and associated software, and to connect to it in a secure fashion. It will also guide you through the AWS management console, and explain some of the things which are possible with ResourceSpace in the Cloud– and some other things which are planned for the future.

If you have not used the AWS cloud before, you must start by setting up an account; otherwise dive straight in:

Creating an AWS account

Create an Instance

Install LAMP and other required software

Create an Image

Install ResourceSpace

Install any required plugins

Configure ResourceSpace

Test it

Backup and Archive

Other things to do

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