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Brief guide to PuTTY

Right, we have a server running – so how do we connect to it?  We need to use SSH – so if you have a client, fire it up and use the key you downloaded earlier.  No client?  No idea what SSH is? Here is a very brief guide to using Putty, the most common SSH client for Windows. For more, please ask in the Forum.

Fire up puttygen.exe,


'Load' the private key you downloaded earlier,

Private key loaded

and then 'save' the private key

Save the key


Fire up Putty and go to Connection, SSH, Auth and find / enter the PPK key you just saved

Select Key


Then go to Session and enter the server name or IP address. If you have set DNS, use the domain name from there, or use the Elastic IP address if you have given one. Otherwise use the 'Public DNS' name given in the AWS console for this server:

External DNS

Give this session a name in the 'saved sessions' box, and click 'Save'.


Once you have saved a session, just double-click it in the list to open it, or select it and click 'Open'.

Security Alert

Click Yes, and the SSH session will start.


Hints for using PuTTY

To see what has scrolled off the screen, simply scroll up, or resize the window.

To paste text from the clipboard, position your cursor (using the arrow keys), then right click anywhere in the window.

To copy text from the window, use the mouse to highlight it - click and drag or double-click on a word. There is no need to do anything else - the highlit text is in the clipboard.

If copying long lines from nano, ensure the window is wide enough to show the full line - you are copying the display not the buffer.

If using PuTTY on several servers, you can change the background colour of the profile, to help you identify which server you are looking at.

For more help with putty, please ask in the forum.



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